Atten: Small & Medium Sized Business:

How to Choreograph the 3 most important parts of your business

So you can stop being a slave to your work

and Start spending more time in "Artist" mode.

Hosted by Michael Johnson & Lexi Ruffell

Thursday January 4th, 2024

2:00-3:30 pm EST

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  • Discover the choreography A.R.A Framework that will change your business forever

  • Unlock your businesses hidden potential and start capitalizing on it right away

  • Master the art doing business in ARTIST mode instead of just "getting by"

  • Harness todays modern technology and the power of automating your business

  • Uncover hidden time in your business that you can take back and use to live your best life

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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is an Author, Master NLP Practitioner, Business Mentor, and an Investor and he is a highly experienced Business Choreographer who has worked with a wide range of clients across multiple industries to help them optimize their processes, streamline their operations, and achieve their business goals.


Business Choreography


Lexi Ruffell

Lexi Ruffell is a well-known and highly respected Business Choreographer who specializes in helping organizations improve their performance, streamline their processes, and achieve their goals.

She is known for her ability to analyze complex business challenges, identify areas for improvement, and develop customized solutions that address specific needs and objectives.


Business Choreography

Why people are excited to attend this webinar:

"Thank you Michael for showing us the value of business choreography and for giving us the tool to move into artist mode."

-Anna T-

“That’s exactly what I needed. You’ve actually entirely answered my question and given me a plan.” 

-Tina H-

"I just love what Michael delivered in the masterclass. It has truly given me some serious food for thought. The way Michael presented the material in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand English instead of going over the top was greatly appreciated. It's evident that Michael understands the importance of keeping things simple and focusing on the basics, which is exactly what we need in business.

As Michael rightly pointed out, a business's strength lies in the foundation it is built upon. After attending the masterclass, I'm more convinced than ever that building a strong foundation is the key to success. Michael's insights and teachings have allowed me to extract valuable lessons that I can immediately apply to my business.

I can't thank Michael enough for the value provided. The emphasis on keeping it basic and laying that strong foundation is precisely what will propel us to the next level. Michael is not only an excellent instructor but also a pleasure to listen to. Throughout the masterclass, it genuinely felt like Michael was speaking directly to me, making the experience all the more engaging and enjoyable.

I highly recommend Michael's masterclass to anyone looking to elevate their business to new heights. Thank you, Michael, for such an enriching and enlightening session!"

-Jane R-

"I just want to thank you extremely for this presentation. It was fantastic the way you presented and I LOVE the choreography. The tips have been fantastic and I’ve learned a lot today."

-Jessica F-

"Thank you Michael A Johnson. Love your way of thinking about business. Choreography is such a beautiful word and I love the concept of being an artist."

-Stephanie J-

"Thank you so much. That was absolutely amazing, and I could see how engaged everyone was. I took a massive amount of notes myself. This is very cool. I love, in particular, how the artist mode is getting everyone to see the value of being in their artist mode but knowing they have to choreograph their business to get this to work. And the ARA framework was just phenomenal. I could listen to you forever because there’s just so much stuff.Something else that was really key that I hope everyone picked up on that I 100% agree with you is ads, you know the house always wins and you know it’s just the little things. I think the biggest thing from my perspective about you is that you’re not saying don’t do this, don’t do that, you’re saying hey if it’s going to work for you just understand the rules that surround it and set the process and actions.I love, in particular, measure, measure, measure, know your data, know what’s working, know what’s not. And you just make this so simple to understand. Can’t thank you enough."

-Tim P-

WARNING: Spots are limited and this webinar always fills up because it is better than the information others charge for thousands... and you can attend this webinar at no cost.

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